Prescription Med Abuse

Prescription Med Abuse

burke substance abuse network addresses prescription pills issues in our county

In the spring of 2015, Burke Recovery received funding through SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework – Partnership for Success grant for the prevention of youth and young adult prescription medication abuse and misuse. Read more about the work being done through RxEAP.

When BSAN was founded in 2011, one key issue occurring in our area was that a large number of medical emergencies and property crimes were identified as being the result of, or associated with, prescription medication abuse or misuse. Posts are made regularly to this website, which deal with the issues around prescription drugs. Find them by following this link.

Since our inception, BSAN has worked closely with staff of Project Lazarus to pinpoint safety issues around prescription drugs. More work is needed and we look forward to an ongoing partnership with Project Lazarus.

A few of the most compelling facts collected about our area by the Lazarus Project included:

  • NC is in the TOP TEN percent nation-wide in prescription-related deaths, and Burke County is nearly TWICE the state average for accidental drug related deaths.
  • Unintentional poisonings (i.e. those hospitalizations that are NOT related to suicide attempts) related to prescription drugs is costing our state more than $98,000,000 per year.
  • Approximately 70% of those pain medications obtained for non-medical use are given by, purchased from or stolen from a friend or a relative.
  • Local, community-wide efforts are the only way to make successful impact.