Youth Initiative

YouthLeadershipTrainingPoster-01BSAN members have identified as a top priority the needs for efforts of awareness, prevention and education, as well as shifts in policy and tracking of measurable results, in the area of youth and families.

On Saturday, May 30, 2015, a group of youth came together and created ADAPT (A Drug & Alcohol Prevention Team) as a way for peers to reach peers about the issues around drug and alcohol use, family and social issues, healthy schools, and peer support.

The following programs have been implemented or started by BSAN coalition members:

Underage Drinking Initiative: While BSAN has been actively studying the prescription pill problem in Burke County and understand that prescription drugs is a growing problem reaching epidemic levels, we believe that the younger population is being supplied alcohol as their main point of entering the cycle of problem behaviors. We also believe that, since alcohol is a legal product with an enforcement system already in place, underage drinking is a problem where BSAN can have positive affect. The Underage Drinking Leadership committee has assessed that root causes of alcohol use in youth run across all root cause categories, including Availability/Access and Community norms favorable toward underage drinking. As we promote prevention, awareness and enforcement of age laws, we hope to bring awareness to the cultural norms around this problem and to lower the future use of other substances by the youth population. The North Carolina Coalitions Initiative (NCCI) has granted BSAN a one- to two-year support contract and funding, providing leadership and training. For information, contact BSAN NCCI Coordinator Rhonda Cook,

In early 2014-late 2015, a youth survey was distributed to measure behavior and attitudes that support underage drinking. These results are published HERE.

Youth Prescription Med Abuse Initiative: Through a leadership grant from SAMHSA called the Strategic Prevention Framework - Partners for Success (SPF-PFS), use of prescription drugs by youth is being measured and assessed. This partnership begins in early 2015 and will depend on partnership with other BSAN youth initiatives, Burke County agencies and youth leadership training. Anyone wishing to be involved with these efforts should contact the SPF-PFS coordinator Joe Marks,

School Intervention Program (ScIP): Burke Council on Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency and Burke County Public Schools

ScIP is a 4-week education program for students caught on school grounds with alcohol/other drugs. ScIP is available during the school year and is open to anyone between the ages of 12 and 17 who would like to attend. There’s also an alcohol and drug education component available to parents to help them recognize the signs of substance use among their children as well as to help them understand addiction and enabling behaviors.

NC Injury Free Academy: Burke Council on Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency and Burke County Public Schools

Teams from the community have attended NC Injury Free Training in order to measure the effectiveness of Project Lazarus. This will be an ongoing program to develop a youth-based informational campaign protecting children and their families from the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

JCPC: Burke Council on Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency & Burke County Juvenile Justice Council

This program consists of court-ordered assessment and treatment for juveniles who enter the court system. Here, BCACD staff have an opportunity to interact with the youth. BCACD is the only substance abuse program contracted with the Department of Juvenile Justice’s Juvenile Crime Prevention Council in Burke County.

Community Child Collaborative: Partners Behavioral HealthDepartment of Social Services, juvenile justice staff and other behavioral health provider agencies

The Community Child Collaborative serves as the body that supports Child and Family Teams and the development of their local System of Care. Participants promote sharing and resources, which build capacity to focus on children and families to meet behavior and mental health needs.

Burke Perinatal Support Collaborative: Catawba Valley Healthy Families, Barium Springs

The Burke Perinatal Support Collaborative’s aim is to facilitate a county-wide referral process that ensures all perinatal families who desire such support are able to efficiently access the support that is right for them. To download contact information for each program participant and descriptions of each, follow this link.

Youth Video Series: Burke County Sheriff's Department

Sheriff Steve Whisenant has dedicated resources towards initiating a video series for youth by youth regarding substance abuse and the effects.