September 2017 BSAN Minutes

BSAN Meeting Minutes, September 29th, 2017

37 people were present at the Morganton Community House in Morganton, NC on Friday, September 29th, 2017 for this 7:30am breakfast meeting.

BSAN member Sheriff Whisenant offered the invocation.

Kim James, Executive Director at Burke Recovery, welcomed the group and reminded everyone that September is National Recovery Month.  Kim James also requested updates from the group.

Recovery Rally

Rita Gallagher announced to the group that over 600 people attended the Recovery Rally event.  Ms. Gallagher also announced that Al-Anon had good results at the rally.  Three new members attended Al-Anon the Tuesday night following the Rally.  Joshua Singleton with Burke Integrated Health announced that 20 people came to their booth stating they needed help.

Substance Use Disorder Forum, Med Drop Box and Narcan

Sheriff Steve Whisenant made the announcement that over 100 people attended the Substance Use Disorder Forum.  Sheriff Whisenant also updated the group on the new Med Drop Box that is now in place at Morganton Public Safety.  The Sheriff has also approved Narcan training for county law enforcement.

Physicians Require Training on Prescribing Opioids

Dr. Mazzola from Carolinas Healthcare System announced to the group that North Carolina now requires all physicians to have specific training on prescribing opiates.  Carolinas Healthcare System in Morganton will have their first training this November.

Burke Youth Health Coalition

Sarah Gregory from Burke Recovery updated the group regarding the Burke Youth Health Coalition.  The youth are about to present their findings from the park assessment to the Valdese Town Council.  Sarah also reminded the group that Vocal Lens has been launched for ages 12-18 in Burke County.

Catawba Valley Healthy Families

Savannah Wilson from Catawba Valley Healthy Families announced that Catawba Valley Healthy Families has partnered with the jail system to speak to pregnant women to help with their transition.  They have also moved from Avery Street to West Union Street.

Recovery is Everything    

To celebrate Recovery Month, several members shared their personal stories regarding recovery.  Some members spoke about their personal journeys with substance use disorder.  Others spoke about their families using substances along with domestic violence issues.  Kim James wrapped up the meeting telling us that we are all in some type of recovery and recovery is everything.


October BSAN Meeting

Next month’s BSAN meeting will be held at 7:30am on Friday, October 27th, 2017 at the Morganton Community House in Morganton.

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