BSAN Minutes: October 2017



Community House


Invocation: County Commissioner Johnnie Carswell

Burke Recovery Executive Director Kim James opens with a reminder about the much anticipated marathon event, Peak to Creek being held on Saturday October 28th at Jonas Ridge.


  • Sherriff Whisenant: Reports that the law enforcement team is receiving Naloxone kits today, and receiving training for them as well. Every officer will be equipped with the kits, courtesy of a community effort and partnership of the Prevention team at Burke Recovery and Project Lazarus.
  • County Commissioner: Praised the content and results of the recent Community Forums held at the Foothills Higher Education center. Also, thanked Lisa Moore of the Health Department for all of her hard work, along with the committee.
  • Karen Miller- Foster Care- 253 kids with only 22 foster parents—there is a huge need for more foster parents.

Huge need for suitcases/backpacks for the kids—many have to take a black trash bag of their items which is hard on them.

NEXT BSAN: SUITCASE DRIVE (as suggested by Dr. Mazzola)—bring suitcases for the kids. Also need items to fill the bags.

  • Kim Rhodes- Comfort Kids- age appropriate items in bags for the kids taken out of homes
  • Doraine Hernandez-DSS- Partnered with A Caring Alternative to have an assessor to go out into our community on home visits with Social Worker; trying to incorporate Substance Use specialists.

DSS has 4 new openings in Child Protective Services—4-year degree required.

  • Julie Walker- Cognitive Connection- outpatient substance abuse with Burke Integrated health. Hiring a LCSW on November 6th; incorporating mindfulness and yoga into groups now.

Extended hours 8am-8pm M-F—also adding transportation program to & from treatment.

  • Kim Rhodes- Has contract with ALFA to provide HIV & Hepatitis C testing—contact if you would like them to come to your agency for a testing day.
  • Joe Marks- touched on the importance of changing language to break the stigma (i.e. abuse vs. use).
  • Mazzola- reported that the hospital hosted a balloon release event that represented the overdose numbers per day. Sherriff Whisenant spoke at this event.
  • McLeod Center- ALFA/ Hep C testing once a month—welcome to come



  • Lisa Moore- Health Department- reported on the recent community forums:
    • Forum #1 had 166 people attend
    • Forum #2 had 125 people attend
  • There is a need and desire to have another forum; most likely to be held after the first of the new year.
    • Substance Use & Employers (next forum topic)
  • Lisa handed out the following print outs:
    • Professional panel audience Q & A
    • Legal Panel Audience Q & A
    • County Needs Assessment
    • Legislative Representatives: State & Federal
      • Contact your local reps! Speak up and out!
    • Kim James: spoke on the needs assessment and how we can move forward with the big items
      • The needs assessment actions are basically three topics
        • Treatment
        • Prevention
        • Drug court (a huge desire from community and MH/SU professionals to see this happen)


  • Worked on workable strategies for treatment, prevention, drug court.
  • Who can be brought in on these strategies?
  • More after school programs (need)






  • Bring suitcases for DSS kids; item list will also be sent out

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