BSAN Minutes: June 30th, 2017

BSAN Meeting Minutes, June 30th, 2017

48 people were present at the Collett Street Recreation Center in Morganton, NC on Friday, June 30th, 2017 for this 7:30am breakfast meeting.

BSAN member Derrick Reynolds offered the invocation.

Joseph Marks, Executive Director at Burke Recovery, welcomed the group with an important update regarding the upcoming Rally for Recovery.  Afterwards, Mr. Marks requested updates from the group.

2nd Annual Burke Rally for Recovery: September is National Recovery Month!

The 2nd Annual Burke Rally for Recovery will be held on Saturday, September 16th at 10:00am. Come join us as we celebrate and spread the message that people DO ACHIEVE SUSTAINED RECOVERY from mental health concerns, alcohol, drugs, and other life challenges. Speakers! Live music! Free food! Wall of Recovery! Games for kids and more! This is a FREE EVENT!

For sponsorship information, contact Joe Marks at or (828) 433-1221.  Make all checks payable to Burke Recovery.  Burke Recovery is a 501(c)(3) organization.  A receipt of your tax deductible sponsorship will be produced.


Foster Families Needed

Dorraine Hernandez from the North Carolina Division of Social Services updated the group regarding foster care issues in Burke County.  249 children are currently in foster care and we are in desperate need of foster families.  49 children have tested positive for narcotics since January and now toddlers are testing positive as well.


Youth Coalition and Young Adults

Sarah Dergins, Prevention Specialist from Burke Recovery updated the group regarding the Burke Youth Health Coalition.  The upcoming Vocal Lens project is coming soon and the youth are very excited.  Several stakeholders in the community are on board and Burke Medical Society is very involved as well.  The Vocal Lens Project is an opportunity for the youth to take photos of the community and share them with the community.  Sarah also informed the members about the latest Focus Group session that was held with young adults.  The main topic was prescription drug use in our community.


Take Back Event and New Drop Box in East Burke Pharmacy

Bryan Austin, Prevention Specialist from Burke Recovery updated the group regarding the Take Back event scheduled for July 22nd, 2017.  The event will be located at 202 S. Center Street, in Hildebran.  This is an opportunity for those to take their old or unused meds for disposal.  Bryan also informed the group about the latest medication drop box that has been placed in East Burke Pharmacy.  This is the first medication drop box Burke County has placed in a pharmacy.  Burke County currently has 2 other drop boxes as well.  One is located at the Burke County Sheriffs Office and the other is located at Valdese Police Department.  A fourth medication drop box has also been placed at Morganton Public Safety and should be available for med drops in the near future.


Medication Assisted Treatment for Women in Wilmington

Dr. Mazolla, D.O.,CPE, FAAFP, FACOFP, Senior Vice President / Chief Medical Officer at Carolinas Healthcare System Blue Ridge updated the group on a treatment facility for women.  The treatment facility is in Wilmington, NC with 48 beds and provides free transportation as well.


Carolinas Health Care System, Burke: “What We Are Seeing At The Hospital”

Libby Dolen, Director of Women and Children’s Services, Donna Weaver, RN, Clinical Supervisor of neonatology, and Dr. Newell,  Neonatologist Physician Director, gave a presentation on Infant Withdrawal Syndrome. Libby Dolen informed the group that 890 live births were recorded in Burke County this past year.  In 2014, 25% of the babies in special care nursing had a drug dependency.  In 2015, that number increased to 42% and grew to 50% in 2016.  OBGYN providers are encouraging Mothers with substance use issues to get into medication assisted treatment.  Carolinas Healthcare System Blue Ridge has 2 licensed substance use counselors offering free sessions to pregnant women and mothers at this time.  These babies born in withdrawal are being treated with micro doses of opiates to subside the symptoms and the doses are slowly decreased over time.  Donna Weaver informed the group that the opiate being used for treating these babies is usually morphine.  Sometimes phenobarbitol is added to keep the babies from seizing.  Ms. Weaver also informed us that many of the mothers do not realize that babies will still go through withdrawal from medications used in medication assisted treatments, like suboxone.  Dr. Newell updated the group regarding the opioid epidemic.  This epidemic is the number 1 problem in America.  Opioid overdose is the most common cause of death in those under 50 years of age.  Dr. Newell also educated the group on opiate receptors and the different effects each type of opioid has on different opiate receptors.  Dr. Newell also informed the members that most babies born with Infant Withdrawal Syndrome in Burke county are withdrawing from methadone or suboxone.  5 to 15 percent of births have some type of drug exposure in Burke County.  Dr. Newell also educated the members regarding long term effects in babies born with Infant Withdrawal Syndrome like formation, maturation, and growth.


July BSAN Meeting

Next month’s BSAN meeting will be held at 7:30am on Friday, July 28th, 2017 at the Collett Street Recreation Center in Morganton.


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