BSAN Meeting Minutes August 2016

Forty people were present at the Morganton Community House on Friday, August 26, 2016 for this 7:30am breakfast meeting.

BSAN member & Burke Recovery counselor Matikia Robinson offered the invocation.

Joseph Marks, Executive Director at Burke Recovery, welcomed the group requested updates from the group:

Naloxone Training

Richard Owensby announced a free opioid toxicity safety class at Table Rock Pharmacy on 8/30/16. To learn more about training for Naloxone use, contact Richard at

Recovery Rally

Chancy Mundy from Montreal College, a Recovery Rally Sponsor, announced the upcoming Recovery Rally in downtown Morganton on Sunday, September 18 from 2-6pm. This event will include speakers from the recovery community, music, kids games, and resource booths. Chancy encouraged all guests to attend the rally and to consider event Sponsorship.

Youth Prevention & Recovery Awareness

Tim Cook and Ron Scoggin from Odin’s Saints attended BSAN for the first time, announcing their outreach work to the youth community. Odin’s Saints is a biker club that works to promote substance abuse awareness and help keep youth off drugs and alcohol. For more info, contact

Today’s Speaker Panel: Alternative & Complementary Therapies for Prevention & Treatment

Rhonda Cook introduced the panel discussion and panelists for today’s presentation. Speaker bios and contact info are below.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, more than a third of adults in the US use some form of holistic medicine, and the trend seems to be expanding.

In general, holistic rehab programs look at an integrated physical, mental, and spiritual model for treating substance abuse and addiction. These techniques are also referred to as alternative or complementary treatments, and they range widely in use and in evidence. The beauty of so many holistic forms of care is that research is now often backing thousands of years of ancient wisdom. So many of you use holistic treatments in your own practices, and people are beginning to demand variety and experimentation from their practitioners. Some of the most popular forms of alternative and complementary forms of care include:

•Acupuncture and acupressure


•Reiki and other types of energy work

•Yoga and meditation

•Herbal medicines

•Biofeedback and neurofeedback

•Nutritional therapy

These are just some of the wide range of treatments described as holistic. The key similarity between them is that they are intended, at the root, to treat the whole person rather than only a single element of an individual’s symptoms or behaviors.

Providers who are interested in local therapeutic and supportive C.A.M. resources can contact Rhonda, Yoga Therapist and owner of Breathe Yoga & Wellness and co-founder of Foothills Holistic Alliance at


Dr. Debra Peters

Debra Peters, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist and co-owner of holistic psychological practice Wisdom Path, PLLC in Morganton, NC. Debra has experiences in a wide variety of settings including psychiatric hospitals, agency counseling centers, and private practice.  She is trained as a generalist, using traditional diagnostic and therapeutic treatments, and has additional training and experience in trauma reactions and improving relationships. She specializes in a holistic, integrative approach to treatment in which providers work together to provide the best care.

Tracey Fox

Tracey is the Director of Nutrition at Integra Wellness Center.  She also sees patients at Integra Rehabilitation Physicians, and The Brain Restoration Clinic where she assists a team of doctors in providing nutritional counseling and lifestyle strategies to their patients.  She also teaches classes on holistic health all over the country.   Tracey is co-founder of Holistic Reboot, a very popular 5 week class series.  She also runs a virtual practice where geography is not a limitation to  the people that she sees.

Brian Ratté

Brian is a technology executive and entrepreneur who has been involved in 5 different technology Companies over the course of his 30 year career. Brian started practicing Yoga in 2005 shortly after getting sober and it changed his life.  Brian was so profoundly impacted by the benefits of Yoga to his serenity and recovery, he created a Company called YogaVibes in 2009 which has streamed over 5 million yoga classes over the internet to over 200 Countries.

Jack White

Jack is President of Alpha Team Medical, provides authorized sales and service for Alpha-Stim® brand medical devices to patients and providers throughout North Carolina. They also provide clinical support and in-services for healthcare professionals interested in the integration of CES and MET neuromodulation into their clinical practice.

September BSAN Meeting

Next month’s BSAN meeting will be held Friday, September 30, 2016.

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