May 27, 2016 BSAN Meeting Notes

BSAN Meeting Minutes, May 27, 2016

Forty people were present at the Morganton Community House on Friday, May 27, 2016 for this 7:30am breakfast meeting.

Joseph Marks, Executive Director at Burke Recovery, welcomed the group asked for BSAN member updates:

Project Lazarus – Julie Causby from AccessCare reported that Project Lazarus completed their poster contest among high school students in 3 counties around substance misuse/abuse. The winner was a student from Patton High School in Burke County. Of the 3 counties, Burke County had the most submissions.

Women’s Facility – Dough Jarrell from Christ Centered Recovery Program described the development of a women’s facility where women will be allowed to bring small children. Joseph Martinez at FIRST of Blue Ridge further reminded the group that there is a 65-bed facility for women and children.

Burke Recovery – Rita Gallagher, Board Member at Burke Recovery, thanked all those who attended the agency’s 50th Anniversary Gala. There were 190 people present, all who heard the message by speaker William Moyer, who called for people to become more outspoken about addiction in their own lives as a way to reduce stigma.

Rita also announced that Joseph Marks has officially been named Executive Director of Burke Recovery.

Girls Empowerment Summit – Sarah Dergins spoke on behalf of Girls Summit Organizers. This second annual event was small but very successful, with 30 girls in attendance. Lots of personalized outreach was possible. Organizers are working on starting a weekly or monthly followup meeting as a way to maintain and develop connections made at the event.

Support Groups – Starting June 2nd on Tuesdays, the grandparents support group and LifeSkills training will begin, which will focus on addressing root causes that lead to substance use. Questions may be addressed to Sarah at


Speaker and Topic – BSAN’s Underage Drinking Initiative – Joe Marks introduced Rhonda Cook, who is wrapping up year 2 of a 2-year strategic action task force funded by NCCI.

Rhonda Cook, has been Coordinator for BSAN’s Underage Drinking Initiative for nearly 2 years, since July of 2014. BSAN’s Underage Drinking Initiative was sparked by a leadership training and planning grant offered by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s North Carolina Coalitions Initiative (NCCI). In year one, we were in the assessment and planning process and discovered that underage drinking is a key problem in Burke County. In year two, we carried out a strategic action plan based on the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF).

Rhonda led the group in an activity that demonstrated the difference between individual strategies and environmental strategies. The SPF works with environmental strategies to create change at the level of root causes and local conditions.

NCCI Goals for Community Coalitions include:

  1. Build coalition capacity to effectively implement evidence-based and promising strategies, with an emphasis on environmental strategies
  2. Implement evidence-based and promising strategies to reduce substance abuse.
  3. Build an infrastructure to sustain local coalition efforts.
  4. Reduce prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse in local communities.

BSAN was one of 7 counties funded in NCCI’s Cohort 4. Rhonda reminded the group of several local stats, including the fact that In Burke County in 2014,  44% of youth could get alcohol from people over 21 —

  • 37.8% could get it from a parent or guardian
  • 21.2% could get it at parties
  • and 8.8% could purchase without ID checks

Measurements are still being done as evaluation through PRIDE survey and the Burke Community Health Needs Assessment. In two years, the following programs were completed or started by BSAN’s Underage Drinking Initiative: Curriculum in middle schools, citizen involvement: “Thank you for carding” cards, new website, additional social media tools, Sticker Shock campaign, print news ads and stories, parents information sessions, youth leadership training, Be A Responsible Server training, and Grub Grab fundraiser.

Progress will continue through task forces that reach parents and youth through BSAN’s ongoing prevention measures, currently funded by SAMHSA’s SPF-PFS grant and possibly through the federal Drug Free Community (DFC) grant.

Rhonda thanked all who participated in the Underage Drinking Initiative task force and encouraged them to continue to help the coalition reach youth and parents.

June BSAN Meeting

Next month’s BSAN meeting will be held Friday, June 24, 2016.

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