RxEAP Task Force Meeting Minutes 12/7/15

RxEAP Task Force Minutes – December 7, 2015 

Attendance: Rhonda Cook, Sarah Dergins, Becky Finney, Joe Marks, Kevin McKenna, Richard Owensby, April Pope, and Steve Whisenant


I. Personal Lock Boxes

A. Secured $2,000 of funding for personal lock boxes. Task force reviewed      two size options and decided to order 25 large boxes and 114 small          boxes. Small boxes easier to hide in secure place.

  • Large box dimensions: 7.5” x 10” x 7.25”
  • Small box dimensions: 2.8” x 5” x 8.5”


B. Box Dissemination

  • Becky Finney, Service Administrator for Dept. of Social Services and April Pope, Child Protective Services joined the task force. They will provide an estimate for the number of personal lock boxes DSS families could utilize.
  • Lisa Schell who heads the BCPS support group for grandparents raising grandchildren suggested they could utilize lock boxes.
  • Richard Owensby stated pharmacies could help disseminate box to at risk, low-income patients and/or could sell boxes at cost.

II. Operation Medicine Drop (Take back event) to occur on week of March 20-26 – most likely Saturday, March 26

  • Safe Kids Burke Co. agreed to take the lead if RxEAP coordinates volunteers
  • Need at least 20-30 people, including pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and persons who can help count and measure drugs.

III. Controlled Reporting system Updates

  • Asked pharmacist Richard Owensby if he had noticed a difference in prescribing since implementation in new prescribing reporting system at CHS-Blue Ridge. Richard reported a majority of his clients who receive controlled substances get them from private practices outside of Blue Ridge.
  • Richard noted an increase in controlled substance prescriptions with new Emergency Department physicians at Grace Hospital.
  • Sheriff Whisenant noted a spike in involuntary commitments with new Emergency Dept. physicians.
  • Drs. Mazolla and Plyler- what are your thoughts on getting practices outside of CHS-Blue Ridge to use new reporting system? Is the software available for purchase?
  • Would education for new ER doctors re: prescribing controlled substances be helpful?

IV. Drug Free Community Grant

  • BSAN will be applying for a Drug Free Communities grant, which is $125,000/year for 5 years (possibly extended to 10) for substance abuse prevention.
  • Grant is federal, competitive, and cumbersome. BSAN would like to hire a consulting team who are experts in grant writing and management. They have actively participated with BSAN.
  • The cost for consultants $5,000. Joe has raised $2,500. We are looking for other sources of funding- Blue Ridge Healthcare Foundation? This could bring close to $1.3 million in prevention to Burke County! Please share any ideas or sources you may be familiar with.

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