BSAN November 2015 Meeting Notes

BSAN Meeting Minutes, November 2015

Thirty eight people were present at the Morganton Community House on Friday, November 20, 2015 for this 7:30am breakfast meeting.

Burke Recovery board president Chuck Moseley offered the invocation.

Joe Marks, Community Relations Director for Burke Recovery, welcomed the group and introduced Rhonda Cook for some BSAN announcements.

Grub Grab Fundraiser

Rhonda Cook presented information about the Grub Grab fundraiser, asking members to seek donation of gift cards from local restaurants. This will be a first coalition fundraising effort and will go to cover expenses incurred for youth prevention initiatives. Request letters with Burke Recovery’s 501c-3 number are available by request – contact

New BSAN Website Domain

Rhonda also introduced five prospective domain names, which she asked meeting participants to discuss and vote on. A winning domain name will be selected and used to replace the current BSAN website.

ACE Study – Guest Speaker

Joe Marks introduced Frances Davis, this month’s guest speaker from Burke Child Collaborative presenting on Toxic Stress, Early Brain Development, and Buffering Stress. Frances presented information prepared by herself, Lisa Schell and Kristi Byers, all from the Collaborative and all in attendance at today’s event.

Frances described human responses to normal stress and chronic stress.

The ACE Study was developed by studying 17,000 patients of Kaiser Permanente. Data reveals proof that early childhood trauma greatly affects brain development and affects health factors in adulthood. In particular, effects of toxic stress for children creates development problems in childhood and adverse effects. Mental illness has a higher correlation with substance abuse. A higher ACE score correlates with mental illness or a state of imbalance that causes significant problems. Birth to 5 are the most important years when children’s abilities and self concepts are beginning to form; these children’s most most vulnerable years for the effects of chronic stress.

Frances presented positive ways to help people with effects call the FLIP It Approach. She also provided safety guidelines and health responses for children and adults affected by toxic and chronic stress. People can contact FIPP in regards to any information in this presentation by emailing Frances Davis at

The group contributed questions and comments. BSAN member Kate Tozzolina suggested a book title The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk.


Kim Rhoads from Partners Behavioral Health announced that resources are available through Partners, including the Buffering Toxic Stress Training, Youth Mental Health First Aid, and Darkness to Light through the Burke County Child Collaborative. Contact Kim at for information.

Wendy Cato from Burke Wellness Initiative announced that a transportation route is being developed for Morganton and outlying areas. Bryan Steen from Burke County has prioritized this program. To move it forward on the county level, all of our local organizations will need to push politically.

Rhonda Cook from Burke Recovery, BSAN’s Underage Drinking Initiative Coordinator, announced that through NCCI, our coalition has funds to bring in a dynamic speaker in the Spring of 2016 to address parents. She suggested that coalition partners that engage parents contact her to partner in planning a parents training and leadership or skills building event. Email

Upcoming Meeting

The December meeting will held on Friday, December 18

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  1. Jim Van Hecke on November 20, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    Hi Rhonda…. I don’t know how much money you have to bring a speaker in to address parents in the spring, but I would recommend consideration of Jerry Moe. He is with Betty Ford Center and is great! They might agree to sponsor his visit. Also, ARI might cover part of the cost if we could have a tag-a-long session for counselors where we can give them credit hours for a fee.

    For your consideration.


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