Underage Drinking Initiative Task Force Minutes, Sept 9

Underage Drinking Initiative Meeting Minutes, Wednesday Sept 9, 2015 7:45am

In attendance: Rhonda Cook, Sarah Dergins, Joe Marks, Jeanne Schwarting


  • Enhance Skills: BARS Course Training is planned for Tues Oct 6, 5:30-7:30 @ WPCC; 10 have reserved, 150 have been invited
  • Change Physical Design: Voluntary Legal Age Warning Signage – Rhonda will be meeting with Antwan Happoldt about what other communities are using.
  • Provide Incentives / Consequences:
  • Whoops! Cards & Giveaways – we will be creating business card sized card for the next BSAN meeting to hand out to coalition member. 250 are approx $50.


  • EVENT: When Sean Speaks: Rhonda and Sarah will be attending the high school presentations in an effort to meet with principals or PTO leadership to discuss parents’ pledges, speakers’ bureau, clubs participation, faculty assignments (clubs), and the senior project mentoring goals
  • Parents Pledges: Sarah presented the electronic forms and will make changes to the printed forms. Rhonda will speak with Ashley at the Health Department to get them translated into Spanish. 200 copies will be made for Burke County Family Day (Sept 28); Electronic surveys can be sent out using: BSAN list, JCPC list, PTA lists; Printed surveys can be collected at sporting events and PTO meetings.
  • Signage: Need Survey signage for tables, possibly a vinyl banner.
  • Priorities: These were the three top priorities results for the Parents Inspire Prevention Leadership Training Questionnaire
  • 1) Provide Support- Building relationship (Each one Reach one)
  • 2) Enhance Skills – This goes together with the building relationships I think in doing workshops with how to talk to your kids
  • 3) Changing formal policies – ScIP Policy. Rhonda will meet with John Alspaugh to discuss the feasibility of creating stronger parental involvement.


  • aDAPT in schools: Sarah has determined that school counselors are not the most likely contacts for student clubs considering their heavy workload; passionate faculty are the best bet. A conversation was had about using every point of contact with the schools to identify who these passionate teachers are.
  • Meetings with Counselors: Mentor Programs; Health Teachers are the best contacts for identifying Senior Projects in the area of prevention.

EVENT SERIES: Parents Inspire Prevention

  • A series of dates starting Monday October 5 was tentatively set for Parents Inspire Prevention events with the focus for this first event of How to Talk to Your Teens & Pre-Teens About Underage Drinking & Drug Use. Goals of the series are to focus monthly on a different parenting topic around prevention. Rhonda will check on Lake James Room availability for the following dates: 10/5, 11/9, 12/7, 1/11, 2/8.
  • NOTE: 
    The confirmed dates are as follows: Parents Inspire Prevention Series: 10/5, 11/9, 12/7, 1/18, 2/15 from 7-8:30pm at the Lake James Conference Room, Grace Hospital, lower level.
  • Promotion for the Parents Inspire Prevention series will focus on *info sharing, *tools for parents, *evidence-based teaching, *fun, safe, judgement-free environment

Lock It Up Campaign

Rhonda will be attending the 7 county NCCI training Sept 16-18 and will ask for input as to how other communities handle the tools and language around locking up of alcohol.

Next meetings: NCCI training, Sept 16-18; Partners for Success training, Sept 16-19, Recovery Month BSAN meeting, Sept 25; Burke County Family Day, Sept 28

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