Burke Parents Inspire Prevention in the news

The Morganton News Herald reported this week on BSAN, SABY, and Burke Recovery’s Parents Inspire Prevention leadership training held the week before the 2015-2016 Burke County Public Schools new year.

  • According to youth who shared at the parents’ training, most kids as early as middle school age know someone who is using drugs and alcohol, and they notice there’s a lack of valuable outreach to those kids who do try substances.
  • Parents in attendance said more information about how to talk to kids in an age-appropriate way would empower these discussions. Additional suggestions from those directly involved with youth in the community included support for a senior project mentoring program around peer-centered presentations and to engage church youth leadership.
  • Parent group members agreed that change can be made through working together. New and existing community partners are encouraged to be involved in helping this core group expand its reach. Those interested in the initiative can contact Sarah Dergins at bcacdsarah@gmail.com or Rhonda Cook at bcacdrcook@gmail.com.

The full news article can be read here >> http://www.morganton.com/community/parents-inspire-prevention-through-movement/article_0a9a154c-4aaf-11e5-983f-fbf780292072.html

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