Local news covers local conditions, BCACD is now Burke Recovery


In a three-part series on prescription drug abuse this week, the Morganton News Herald spoke with treatment providers, health experts, law enforcement, and families with first-hand experience with drug abuse. This well-rounded series started Sunday and covered key problems followed by an important announcement: BCACD is now known as Burke Recovery, to more succinctly describe what the agency is doing – saving lives one day at a time.

The first article is from a national report based on information by the Institute on Drug Abuse. Another piece covers the lives of our own local residents about the damaging effects on the entire family. And, a third story is about the hope created by agencies that provide recovery services, including Burke Recovery, formerly Burke Council on Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency.

553426f832bfc.imageAlong with the name change, Burke Recovery is now offering services for women from an additional facility at 711 West Union Street.

View each of this week’s three part News Herald series:

Prescription drug abuse on the rise across the US

With predictable highs and easy accessibility, prescription medications are particularly attractive. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says depressants, opioids and morphine derivatives and stimulants are the most commonly abused drugs. To learn more about how you can prevent medication abuse, follow the tips listed in this compelling report. Full story HERE.

Shattered Lives: Drug use damages individuals, families

Burke Substance Abuse Network is not only made up of people in the treatment profession, law enforcement and educators, but also normal families like who get involved in our mission because of their own experiences with the tragedies of substance use. In this story, the Wade family speaks out about their own difficulties, despite the stigma associated with addiction. Their courage will surely empower others to do the same, seek help, and find hope. Full story HERE.

ROAD TO RECOVERY: Support available for those battling substance abuse

“When working with adolescents, Van Hecke said they (Burke Recovery) are sure to involve the whole family in the treatment process.” Formerly Burke Council on Alcohol & Chemical Dependency, Burke Recovery relies on many referring organizations and programming funds from many community sources to reach and provide help for the 7,000-10,000 people in Burke County who are addicted or misusing drugs. Full story HERE.

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