BSAN Meeting Report, Integrated Hub Models, 6/27/2014

Burke Substance Abuse Network – Meeting Notes – June 27, 2014

Fifty-four people attended the meeting on 6/27/14 at 7:30am at the Morganton Community House.

Dr. Jasper Hemphill offered the invocation.

Jim Van Hecke welcomed the group and asked that sector leaders give an update on action items.

Bruce Cannon from Cannon Pharmacy announced that the Law Enforcement and Pharmacists sectors are working together by meeting regularly. They last met on June 17, where 8 pharmacists and 6 law enforcement officials from the Sheriff’s department discussed issues around prescription medications.

Rev. Frances King from St. Mary’s & St. Stephens Episcopal discussed plans for Recovery Awareness in churches during September Recovery Month, leading into plans for a 1-act play in September about AA founder Dr. Bob.

Jim Van Hecke further discussed September as National Recovery Month, which will be a good opportunity for all churches to speak up within their congregations and support attendance of the 1-act play.

Jim reported that Jeanne Schwarting, who could not attend this meeting, is leading the Families Sector.

Julie Causby from Access Care, representing the Medical Sector, reported that goals include more local training for providers around use of Project Lazarus tool kit is needed. A meeting for providers, including a panel, is set for October 21.

Jim Van Hecke introduced the concept of the Integrated Care Hub, discussing its history and relevance for our recovery-oriented community of care, and that BSAN’s interests in this model includes easing the access to care for mental health and substance abuse clients. This idea of care for the whole person has arisen from discussions started by Partners Behavioral Health Management and is now extending into the entire community across providers. At this time, we have the ability to voice what it is we would like to see as an alliance for this hub.

John Waters, Executive Director at Catawba Valley Behavioral Health, was introduced to discuss the Integrated Hub effort. Included in his description of needs and services were:

  1. Our communities are unique, therefore, these partnerships should be built on the strengths of each community, not required to be structured a certain way by the state.  Therefore, each community provides a proposal as to how that will look for them.
  2. Case management has been lost, which includes a wide range of services. This hub will bring case management back to the forefront of goals.
  3. Peer support specialists will be utilized as mental health services more efficiently embrace the benefits of peer support in recovery.
  4. Location will be convenient to other important community services.
  5. Clients benefit through shared referrals, one-time intake and same-day services.
  6. Provider / Primary Care services can be integrated to avoid duplication.

Goals of the Integrated Hub include:

  1. Reduction of ER visits.
  2. Common processes.
  3. Same day access for the consumer.
  4. Non-traditional hours.
  5. Increased identification of those with substance abuse issues.
  6. Increased care for medicaid recipients
  7. Targeted transportation

John Waters then discussed the process and Jim Van Hecke opened the meeting up for questions from the group.

Some concerns that were addressed by members of the group included:

  • Issues of privacy — Julie Causby reminded that group that many practitioners are already participating in AccessCare, shared access to patient medical records.
  • More detox services are needed.
  • Complementary services — Rhonda Cook announced the founding of Foothills Holistic Alliance, that the group is in organizational stages, and could be called upon to provide services for an Integrated Hub.
  • Case management challenges — A health information exchange will be an information-sharing tool.

Several updates were announced, including:

  • BSAN’s participation, through a grant, in the North Carolina Coalitions Initiative (NCCI), which will tie together BSAN’s work in individual sectors with a larger effort to build a recovery oriented community of care.
  • The Faith sector will be leading awareness weeks during September Recovery Month.

Jim Van Hecke thanked the group for the great discussion and closed the meeting with a letter originally written by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes called “We Were Made For These Times.” It is posted BSAN website for reading and sharing, here:

The next meeting of BSAN will be July 25, 2014, 7:30am at the Community House.



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