Author, William Moyers, writes book on his recovery

Now What?
An Insider’s Guide to Addiction and Recovery
Available October 30, 2012
Author: William Cope Moyers, author of NYT best seller Broken

Forword by Judith and Bill Moyers


Addiction and recovery insider and expert William Cope Moyers answers the question “Now What?” for addicts and their loved ones, every step of their journey from contemplation through intervention, treatment, and recovery.

As the survivor of multiple relapses and near-fatal experiences with his addiction to alcohol and other drugs, William Cope Moyers knows what it’s like to desperately need, but not know how to find, a good treatment program. As Moyers was struggling, his parents–television journalist Bill Moyers and his wife, Judith–were also battling to understand what was happening to their son and what to do about it. Thanks to a successful intervention, intensive inpatient treatment, and a rigorous Twelve Step program, Moyers has been clean and sober since 1994 and has devoted his life to helping others. In the course of his work as a recovery advocate and ambassador with Hazelden Foundation, Moyers has talked with thousands of alcoholics, addicts, and their families and has been a lifeline in helping them get the treatment they need. Drawing from both his own journey and the experiences of those he’s helped, Moyers applies his passion and trademark down-to-earth style to lead readers through the folowing steps

  • recognizing when someone needs help
  • finding a quality treatment program
  • navigating the treatment process and
  • establishing a support system after treatment


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